Christopher Judge Wants To Play Kratos In The God Of War TV Show And He Should Do It

God of War’s Kratos has become an iconic video game character over the almost two decades since arriving in the first God of War game back in 2005. Originally voiced by Terrence C. Carson from 2005 to 2013, Stargate actor Christopher Judge took over the role in 2018’s continuation, also titled God of War.

Kratos has yet to make the jump to the live-action realm, but with Amazon’s plans in the work to make that a reality, it’s just a matter of time before we see him take on the pantheon. There’s a lot of fan casting for this project, but there’s already somebody biting for the role: Judge, himself.

Along with the voice, the actor provided the motion capture for the lead character for the past two games and kept himself in good shape from his Stargate days. Responding to a fan talking about casting WWE talent as Kratos and suggested that Judge take on the role, which he “co-signed.”

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